I’m a Daily Driver, Where is an Oil Change Near Me?

oil change near me

I’m a Daily Driver, Where is an Oil Change Near Me?

Being a daily commuter that isn’t driving that far, an oil change near me is still needed. Many people would say that your engine is needing for an oil change even more than that of an engine with similar miles of highway driving or long commuting.

The temperature of your engine and engine oil is very important to the health of your engine. Since you are driving short trips your vehicle may not be heating up well enough for your motor oil to flow properly through the engine. This leads to a lack of protection of your engine parts, and therefore you have to get your oil changed more often when all your trips to work or wherever are very short trips.


What Makes a Synthetic Oil Change Better?

Synthetic oil can save you lots of money, and is better for your engine, but what makes it better for your engine? There are two reasons it is better for your engine, one the consistent size of molecules, and the additives in the oil.

Synthetic motor oil is “synthetic” because it is made with equal size molecules as opposed to its mineral motor oil counterpart. When all molecules are the same exact size this allows the oil to flow even more smoothly through the engine whether the oil is cold or hot. The additives that are “added” to increase the synthetic oil’s ability to fight corrosion in the engine, as well as anti-oxidant and anti-wear properties. The materials added to the synthetic oil can include zinc, phosphorous and sulphur. The last, and most interesting additive to synthetic oil can be titanium. This may sound weird since the purpose of motor oil is to stop metals to rub against one another, but the idea holds up. When you turn your vehicle off, all the oil goes back into the oil drain pan. Since the oil is all in the drain pan, your vehicle has no oil to protect components when starting your vehicle. The purpose of the titanium is so that the titanium from the motor oil attaches to components of the engine when you shut the engine off. Then when you start the engine again the titanium is a protective layer against “cold starts”.


Likelihood of There Being an Oil Change Near Me

People with an oil change shop near them have a far higher likelihood of getting their oil changed regularly. As we said above, a regular oil change is the best way to maintain your engine and keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Best Place for an Oil Change Near Me?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.


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