Where to Get an Oil Change Near Me?

Where to Get an Oil Change Near Me?

Finding an easy place to get an oil change can be difficult, especially in Toronto, where the demand for quick oil changes outweighs the supply of shops or services that have extra appointment times. This can be a serious strain on your engine, because every time you need an oil change and go days or weeks past the oil being protective for the engine you are hurting your engine. This means having an oil change near you can make it much easier on your life than if you have to cut early from work or go in on a Saturday.

Most shops don’t have very late hours, so getting an oil change in Toronto can seem nearly impossible. If you work long hours, you need an oil change that works around your schedule. The reason that we created The Oil Change App is to serve the people of Toronto that desire an oil change near them and don’t have the time to get to the shop.

The best part of The Oil Change App is that all oil changes are synthetic and therefore better for your engine and your wallet. We explain lots of reasons why a synthetic oil change is better for your engine here. The way it saves you money comes in two ways, one being how it will protect your engine from damage and therefore less expensive trips to the repair shop. The second is that the intervals are between oil changes are far greater in synthetic oil changes.


Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

The intervals for a synthetic oil change can differ depending on the oil, but they do tend to be at least double the amount of a conventional motor oil. The best part of synthetic oil is that it protects your vehicle better at the end of its life in comparison to conventional motor oil. Depending on the synthetic oil the oil will last from 10,000KM to 15,000KM and that far outperforms most conventional motor oils that go from 4,000KM to 7,000KM depending on the brand.


How often should I receive an oil change?

Based on the knowledge above we recommend getting synthetic oil changes in Toronto, because it creates a larger gap between oil changes needed and it is better for your engine. So when you are getting an oil change we strongly recommend getting a synthetic oil change in Toronto and that allows a 10,00KM interval between oil changes.

Another important factor in getting the best oil change near me is having the technician put on a great new filter that is made for longer oil change intervals. It is somewhat common for oil change prices to be advertised to you without a filter change being included in the price. This would put your vehicle in serious danger, so you will always have to ask for the additional cost of the filter also being changed. With The Oil Change App, the filter is always included and we always put on a filter that is made to last the same length as the synthetic oil we put in the vehicle.


How much do you pay for an oil change?

The price of an oil change near you will differ depending on the type of oil change you want and what type of service is used. Firstly, you should be getting a synthetic oil change, which will run you about $90 plus tax at most quick lube shops. This service will cost you at least $100 plus tax for most mobile oil changes. It makes sense since you can enjoy the service in the comfort of your own home or office. The last option is to use The Oil Change App, which only charges the minimum when it comes to synthetic oil changes. Our pricing is based on how much oil capacity the vehicle has and the price of the oil filter. This leads to many of our oil changes costing as low as $67.99 for many of the Japanese vehicles, and about $75.99 for the American made vehicles.


Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere.

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