Synthetic Oil Change Toronto

Synthetic oil change

Synthetic Oil Change Toronto


Synthetic Oil Change Toronto

Soon to be necessary for the majority of vehicles, a synthetic oil change can be very costly when in Toronto, Etobicoke, and North York. Many shops will offer a synthetic oil change that does not include a filter and will increase in price for every drop after the first 5 liters of oil. And even when getting a synthetic oil change you can never be certain what you are really getting.

Most people are truly looking for the oil change nearest to them, and that makes the most sense. People in Toronto don’t have time for driving across town for the one mechanic they trust, especially just for an oil change.


Express Oil Change

An express oil change can sometimes provide a synthetic oil change, but the downfalls of these places are that they may not have the highest quality filter and sometimes not the right filter at all. If you drive a European car we would recommend calling ahead when visiting such places.

Many of these places will have trained to upcharge and as per our previous articles we highly recommend checking your maintenance schedule before hand so you can’t be sold on services that are probably not needed for the vehicle.

We do like the upside of how quick and easy these places can be, but there are very few in Toronto that would actually be quick and easy. The prices also can be good, but as soon as the staff knows that you are not in the know, you can be a mark for upselling.


Synthetic Oil Change Interval

The intervals between synthetic oil changes can vary but do sit between 7500KM and 15000KM. What it really depends on when seeing how far between oil changes is needed for synthetic oil is the filter used. Many filters can only be under warranty for 7500KM and once you drive past that damage can fall on yourself. As long as the synthetic oil is up to API standards and meets your vehicles criteria for the current weather you really have to have a long lasting filter.

Many companies do make filters that last up to 16,000KMs, and that would rarely be the kind put in your vehicle during a express oil change. To insure this, we recommend buying your own oil and filter and have a bring your own oil and filter change. The Oil Change App also gives this option and it can be done for any vehicle. You will use the coupon code “BYOO” (bring your own oil) to get $35 off your oil change. We also will dispose of the used oil and filter afterwards. This can be a great option for those that want a specific brand of oil or filter.

By using a high quality filter and a full synthetic OEM guideline oil you can truly get 15,000KM between oil changes.


How Synthetic Oil Changes Can Help Your Life

Since synthetic oil changes last longer and the oil itself is better for the vehicle there are some clear upsides. These include saving money, time, and a healthier vehicle. The money saved comes from the greater time between oil changes.

With synthetic you may pay 30-40% more, but you can have the oil life last 100-120% longer therefore saving you money. We recommend getting 2 synthetic oil changes yearly, so long as they are done properly.

Time is saved in a similar fashion, because you only have to go to the shop two times a year when conventional oil would have you in the shop 4-5 times a year. You can save even more time by staying at home or work and having us come to you!

Synthetic oil is commonly acknowledged as being better for your vehicle. This holds even more true when talking about older engines, so save some time, money, and treat your vehicle right. Get a synthetic oil change that comes to you by downloading The Oil Change App!

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