Why You need Synthetic Oil

Why You need Synthetic Oil

A synthetic oil change is something many car manufacturers are making compulsory for their vehicles. This is not completely compulsory at this point but more vehicles each year are made with specifications requiring synthetic oil. These vehicles are coming from vehicles made internationally and domestically. Synthetic oil first came about as the more expensive option for high performance vehicles and vehicles running in extreme temperatures, but then became popular for international brands and now even domestic brands are feeling the positives of the improved motor oil.


Synthetic Oil Outlasts the Competition

As a regular vehicle owner or leaser you know just how much of a pain it is to go to the shop for a scheduled oil change. This becomes even more pain-staking when you live in a metropolis like Toronto. One of the main reasons we recommend that you use synthetic oil in your vehicle is because it makes trips to the mechanic or lube shop far less frequent. Most Synthetic oil will last twice as long as its conventional counterpart.


Helps Your Wallet

Synthetic oil will cost more at the time of the oil change, but it will save you money in two key ways. The first reason is because the mileage of your vehicle is improved while running on synthetic oil. This comes from the better lubrication properties in synthetic oil and therefore there is less friction when your engine is running and therefore burning less fuel.

The secondary reason your wallet will keep more in it when using synthetic oil is because you will be visiting the shop less. A synthetic oil change should only cost another $20-$30 more than a regular oil change while the oil lasts twice as long as the cheaper conventional oil. This means less visits and more money for you.


Its Better for Your Engine

Even when running synthetic oil for twice as long as conventional oil before changing the oil, synthetic is the more protective engine oil. This is because of the stability that synthetic oil has from being molecularly balanced and given certain engine oil additives. The synthetic oil is at it’s most impressive when it is near its life, unlike the conventional oil which goes downhill quickly in it’s ability to protect your engine.


Should I Really Switch?

For short, yes, but if your vehicle doesn’t require it then you really don’t. Though, we do recommend that you switch to synthetic oil once your vehicle gets to 100,000KMs AND also during the winter months, because that is when your vehicle needs any advantages possible.

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