What Vehicles Last the Longest?

What Vehicles Last the Longest?

When you put the time into general maintenance you should expect your vehicle to last some time, but not all vehicles are made the same. Many manufacturers have different ideas about what engine size or type will create a vehicle that is most appreciated by the customer. Current buyers and leasers want a vehicle that is good on gas, but more and more it seams they also want a vehicle that is large.

People are clinging to mid-size SUVs and now almost every car brand makes one, even Lamborghini. While consumers are hoping to get good fuel economy and a vehicle not too hard on the environment. These SUVs also have to commit to the strict regulations of todays governments in each and every country. That is why when you go abroad you will see Ford or GM vehicles that you have never seen before. These regulations lead to Volkswagen committing fraud in their diesel emissions test and that is just one example of why vehicles are not always made to last any more.

You will notice a very strong reliance on a tried and true engine in each of these vehicles. This means the best vehicles have had the same engines in them for tens of years. Many great car manufacturers know that they will have to re-configure their entire factories and transportation method in order to change engine types in a vehicle. General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda have all went long periods of time with their engines and slowly made available engine options that once are perfected become the main engine for the specific model.


Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is the Toyota competitor to the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition, and it has the highest likelihood of getting above 200,000 miles. That percentage is 7.4% which seems low, but when you take into consideration the adjustments needed to meet fuel economy standards it is quite impressive.


Chevrolet Suburban

This vehicle as well as the General Motors sister brands of Cadillac and GMC also were among the highest likelihood of lasting over 200,000 miles. Obviously all vehicles have the same engine options and our assumption is that the vehicles have the ability to last that long because of the famous 5.3L V8 that has been used in General Motors trucks and SUVs for two decades. This engine is tried and true, no BS, simply a great engine that if kept well will last far past it’s 2000,000th mile.


Subaru Outback/Legacy

These vehicles do very well in making it long lifetimes as well as being a very low price to maintain and operate. Not only do you save some money, but they can be very fun vehicles as well as safe vehicles too. The servicing on a Subaru is very simple and therefore it can be done properly even if you mistakenly bring it to a shifty auto repair shop. We could not recommend these vehicles high enough.

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