What Oil Additive is Best for My Vehicle?

What Oil Additive is Best for My Vehicle?

Motor oil additives can be very helpful for certain times of the year or certain times in your engines lifecycle. There are many different purposes of an oil additive, but the main purposes are to reduce friction, remove debris, or increase fuel economy. Most oil additives focus on just one of these tasks and can therefore have a great chance to fix at least one when you choose the right product. Here are some of our favourites…


Liqui Moly Anti-Friction Engine Treatment

For reducing friction, we recommend this product made by the German lubricant company Liqui Moly. This product is most recommended for older engines that are looking to extend the last years of its life. This happens because this treatment uses molybdenum which coats parts of the engine and therefore less metal parts of the engine in contact because the molybdenum mineral is in between parts (coating them usually).

This product not only has a long shelf life, but also lasts very long inside the engine. On top of these the price point is as good or better than any competitors in the anti-friction oil additive market. This product also is better than the rival anti-friction products made from ZDDP compounds that are unable to create a film around engine parts like the moly product. This is without a doubt the only product for your aging engine, as it also reduces noise and extends the engines life. We cannot recommend it enough.


RevX Stiction Fix Oil Treatment

This is one of the most all inclusive engine oil additives and therefore it does cost more than almost any other. It is also not a chemically based additive and therefore you do not have to exchange some other form of performance or damage in exchange for its benefits. The list of benefits includes increased performance (horsepower), increased fuel economy, and decreased engine temperature while running.

It was originally a stiction reducer and it worked in a way that helped multiple aspects, even cold starts. The way in which the additive works is essentially just improve what motor oil is already doing in your engine. Though it is probably the most expensive product on the market, it’s because it is amazing.


Marvel Mystery Oil Ultimate Fuel and Motor Treatment

This may be the most recommended product we have on the list, as this can truly turn the course of your engine. This additive removes debris and deposits in the fuel system and therefore can increase fuel economy and add to the life of the engine while saving you money. One other aspect is that this formula works specifically great with vehicles that have higher ethanol fuel systems. This is because ethanol can create rust and corrosion faster than other fuels.


We recommend finding an oil additive that works for where your vehicle is currently lacking. Like we always say, the best protection for your vehicle is consistent maintenance and keeping at pace with your maintenance schedule. Synthetic oil is also always recommended and can also help in some of the ways that these oil additives help.

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