Do I Have To Get My Oil Changed At The Dealer To Keep My Warranty?

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Do I Have To Get My Oil Changed At The Dealer To Keep My Warranty?


Oil Change App vs The Dealership


Oil changes are pretty simple, and so is the question to whether my warranty is broken on my lease when not going to the dealer for service, the answer being no. Getting your oil changed in Toronto isn’t easy when you factor in work and family balance, and due to this many mobile oil change business’ have popped up. You don’t have to go to the dealer at all during the entire length of your lease. Simple as that, so long as you are maintaining the vehicle and it is documented.


An oil change done on a Mercedes does require slightly more knowledge and different tools that that of an American made vehicle, though many American made vehicles are moving to an Asian style small engine (size, not specifically power) in most vehicles. The dealership does do quite well on many services and therefore they would like to make it seem as though they are the only ones you should trust with your vehicle.


How to Avoid a $500 Oil Change


An oil change is truly the most important part of your cars maintenance, because it is the blood of your car’s engine. When you leave old oil in the engine for long enough it leaves damage because the oil has lost its lubrication powers and can often start evaporating. This leaves you with less oil in the engine and therefore making consistent oil changes necessary. Since you are leasing the vehicle, paying exorbitant amounts for service, at the surface seems wrong. What we do seriously recommend before going to any shop or dealership is to check your owner’s manual and check your maintenance schedule. That way you know what you need before they start upselling.


Pretty much all vehicles being leased are brand new, so you will only be leasing it for the first 40-100,000 kms. This would indicate that pretty much any service other than an oil change, coolant change (once about every 30,000kms), or tire rotation is out of the question.


Know The Real Answers During Your Oil Change


But sometimes the check engine light comes on and this could indicate that something other than standard maintenance is needed. In this case you should go into your dealer or mechanic and ask they show you the reading on their diagnostic tool/code reader. These tools are easy to use and the mechanic or technician should be transparent with you.



Steps to a Fast, Easy, and Affordable Oil Change


All and all there are some pretty easy steps to making sure going for routine maintenance doesn’t cost you this month’s rent. First, check your maintenance schedule, as that will give you a guideline on what to expect. Second, have the mechanic or technician show you the reading taken from your cars diagnostics. Third, and no where near as important, use The Oil Change App because we do not upsell as it is against our policy. When you order and oil change from us you can know your car is being treated right and given quality synthetic oil (which lasts longer and is better for the vehicle) all while you do whatever you want, we can work around your schedule and come to you.


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