Top 10 Auto Apps

The 10 Best Apps for Drivers

Top 10 Auto Apps

Your phone has the potential to make any road trip, commute to work, or errand around town much easier. Thanks to the thousands of Android and Apple auto applications, you can get where you’re going stress-free. Some apps can find the best oil change services, others help you sell your car. Popular apps like Spotify provide music for long drives. As long as you have a proper phone mount installed in your car, some of these apps can be enjoyed hands-free. Here are the top 10 best auto apps that can make operating, maintaining, and buying or selling your car easier and more enjoyable.

Find the best gas station prices1.GasBuddy

Gas prices have varied significantly over the past 100 years, affected by stock market trends and oil industry pricing. Beyond those factors, individual gas stations can have additional costs, like credit card fees and infrastructure costs; their gas will be more expensive than a station that doesn’t have these additional expenses. How can you, the average driver, get the best deal? The free-to-download app GasBuddy searches your location to find the cheapest gas near you, with station reviews provided by users. Search filters can help you find a gas station with a restaurant, car wash, or public restrooms. If you know you’ll be getting gas after work, check which station has the best prices on GasBuddy. You’ll never overpay for gas again.


The number of electric cars on the road seems to be growing quickly. These money-saving vehicles allow you to skip the gas station altogether. However, they still need occasional stops to recharge their batteries. How can you find the closest plug station to you? What if you’re driving through a town you’re not familiar with?

Insert PlugShare. This app caters to the eco-friendly electric vehicle drivers of the world. PlugShare uses your location to find the nearest electric station to you. You can even pay through your phone for the recharge, at participating stations. With over 5000 electric stations in the US and Canada, you’re never too far from a charge.

The best tunes for your road trip.


Without music, a long road trip is just you and the silence of the road. Add Spotify and drives, long or short, are more entertaining. Spotify has an enormous range of music selections to choose from. Take your chances on an obscure genre or artist, or sing along to the top 40 hits of today. You can also listen to podcasts, if you’re done with the beats, or if you want to keep your mind engaged during a night drive. Create a playlist, and Spotify will create a second one for you based on your tastes.

4.Find My Car

Have you ever stood in a crowded parking mall and wondered where you parked your car? Without distinctive landmarks, it’s easy to lose your vehicle in a busy lot. Luckily, the Find My Car app solves that problem. Simply install the app and set your GPS location once you’ve parked. The app will remember the exact location of your car. You can even take pictures of the surroundings, store locations, and send your car’s location to a friend. With Find My Car, you have one less worry.

Navigate the traffic with Waze.


This directions app is taking the world by storm. Waze takes the best parts of Google Maps and improves them. Besides finding you the fastest route to your destination, Waze gives real-time traffic updates. If there’s an accident ahead, road work, or even a police car, you’ll know about it first. Waze works because it’s based on community involvement. If you see a road hazard or alert, enter it in the app so other drivers can benefit from your knowledge/experience.


Big cities like Toronto are notorious for having major traffic problems and expensive parking. If you finally find a parking lot, it’s likely that most of the spots are full. The BestParking app helps you locate all the parking lots nearest your destination. From there, you can identify the lot with the best price. At participating lots, you can even reserve a parking space and pre-pay on your phone. It takes some of the stress of driving in a big city away knowing you have a secure place to park.

Skip the dealership and by your car from the owner.


The Autotrader app can help you reduce the stress of buying, or selling, your car. The app allows you to deal directly with the owner, eliminating costly middlemen. If you are looking for a new car, just enter the type of vehicle you’re looking for, including any specific needs you might have, and your price range. The app will pull up all cars for sale that match your search parameters. You can do a local search, or broaden it to include your region, province or state, or even the entire country.

If you’re trying to sell your car, follow regular maintenance to maintain its value. Then, post an ad on Autotrader. Write your ad, and fill in the car’s information. Browse similar vehicles for sale and set a competitive price. AutoTrader advertises local listings to potential buyers for free. You’ll make a sale in no time!


CarBuzz is the most popular and credible automotive news app that helps you stay up to date on the latest trends and news. Check out the newest vehicles hitting the road, and upcoming launches from your favorite car brands. You can read reviews from other drivers, learn about different specs, and interact with other car lovers. CarBuzz’s journalists update the app’s information and stories every day, keeping you up to date on the latest news.

9.Get Used Parts

Every car buff knows the dealership parts store is the most expensive place to replace auto parts. Get Used Parts is an app that makes that researching other sources for parts fun and easy. Use the search filters to specify the exact part you’re looking for. Narrow down the search by location and price. Then, contact the seller directly through the app. No middleman, no up-selling. Set up a payment and pickup method, and get the exact auto part you need.

Oil changes in your driveway.

10.The Oil Change App

We all have busy lives. Keeping up with your car’s maintenance schedule can be difficult. When was your last oil change? Are you overdue? Luckily, The Oil Change App makes it easy. Simply request an oil change, and set your location. Based on your agreed-upon appointment, a service technician will come to you. Just meet them at your car and pop the hood. Then, pay them through the app. In minutes, your oil change is complete and you’re good until your next service.

The Oil Change App is a location-based oil change app brings car service to your front door. It’s the at-home or at-the office oil change option for Toronto and the GTA. We handle all types of cars. Either book an appointment in advance or find an available technician right away. To get your oil changed, download Toronto’s oil change app today.

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