Synthetic Oil Change Price

synthetic oil change

Synthetic Oil Change Price

The price of an oil change can deter many people from purchasing an oil change, and even more so when considering a synthetic oil change. The price of a synthetic oil change is higher than the price of a conventional oil change. This is because synthetic oil is costlier to produce, and therefore is more expensive for garages and lube shops to purchase.

The price difference is usually between $20 and $30 depending on where you take your vehicle. Since price can be a deterrence for some people they aren’t realizing the benefits of a synthetic oil change, and how in many ways it is better.


Is a Synthetic Oil Change Worth it?

To grasp the whether or not synthetic oil is better for your dollar you have to understand what the motor oil is doing in your vehicle. The most basic aspect of what motor oil does for your vehicle is protect parts from causing friction. There are many small parts in throughout the engine that can and do come close to contacting each other and the motor oil keeps all these parts lubricated and therefore reducing the chance of damage.

So the goal of motor oil is to lower friction in your engine. To do this the motor oil has to be manufactured to ensure it has a long life of being able to do this. Synthetic oil for one lasts longer, and that is because of the uniform molecule size. The uniform molecule size of synthetic oil is also what gives it better performance in stopping friction on kilometer one of its life, as well as kilometer 8,000 of the synthetic oil’s life.

Engines using synthetic oil over their lifetime have far better performance and their users can reap the benefits of a healthier vehicle and a healthier bank account. Most conventional oil changes will cost about $60 and tax, while on The Oil Change App you will be charged $70 plus tax depending on the vehicle (some vehicles need more oil or have an expensive filter). Synthetic oil lasts about twice as long as conventional oil so this means for an extra $10 you can be saving yourself a whole trip to the shop. Needless to say you shouldn’t be having any trips to the show when using The Oil Change App.

Overall synthetic oil is a far better product and is easily worth the extra $10 or $20 dollars in order to save you money and help your vehicle stay on the road longer.


Synthetic Oil in Extreme Weather

As people from the Toronto area you know that winter can be not just difficult on yourself, but your vehicle especially. Many people suffer from bad batteries all winter or lack of traction causing accidents. One very important important piece of equipment for your vehicle in extremely low and high temperatures is your lubricant. That being your engine oil, as it needs to be able to keep your engine from damage in high and low temperature.

If your vehicle is difficult to start in the winter that could be due to using conventional oil that can’t stay viscous enough for your engine to start, creating something for the gears and pistons to have to push through to finally start. On the other hand, synthetic oil stays viscous in colder temperatures and therefore does not hinder the vehicle starting. Synthetic oil does not congeal at low temperatures unlike its conventional counterpart and therefore it causes far less friction.

Another aspect of winter driving is that you actually burn more gas per kilometer because your engine is not as warm and therefore the perpetual motion of the gears and such of the engine are not as possible. Synthetic oil is known for being a lower friction engine oil and would therefore help with you winter fuel consumption. This is another added benefit of synthetic oil.


Synthetic Oil Change Prices

Therefore, when you add up the fact that synthetic oil will treat your vehicle better, save you money in the winter, and require less oil changes it is easy to see that the price of synthetic oil is deceiving. This type of oil change can save you lots of money year round and is the better option for your vehicle.

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