How Synthetic Oil Came to Be

The use of synthetic oil is now on par with that of mineral based oil, and if you discount blends of the two synthetic oil is now more popular than conventional (mineral) oil. Synthetic oil has truly come to popularity over the last ten years and it has some reasons as to why it took so long. After all, it was invented in 1937. The first time that synthetic oil was available was when in 1937, in an Imperial Oil research facility in Indiana a bi-product was made and they ...
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Is an Oil Change Near Me Better than Traveling to a Chain?

The short answer to this is not really, but it can be. When you live in a city like Toronto an oil change near me is really the best way to keep your vehicle well maintained as this increases the likelihood of you being willing to regularly get oil changes. It is similar to a person that lives near a bakery or a coffee shop, it increases your likelihood of using the store. This can be quite important when it comes to consistent maintenance for your vehicle. How Often is ...
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