How Synthetic Oil Came to Be

The use of synthetic oil is now on par with that of mineral based oil, and if you discount blends of the two synthetic oil is now more popular than conventional (mineral) oil. Synthetic oil has truly come to popularity over the last ten years and it has some reasons as to why it took so long. After all, it was invented in 1937.

The first time that synthetic oil was available was when in 1937, in an Imperial Oil research facility in Indiana a bi-product was made and they saw its lubrication qualities. This product was then sought out by the German air force and American Navy. This product was then primarily used in aircrafts for both countries. The reason they saw its upside is the same reasons it is great for your vehicle now, its better than conventional oil in hot and cold temperatures. The first use in cars was my military pilots in the United States who saw its benefits in the cold high altitudes of Alaska. These pilots also felt the synthetic oil could help their vehicles in the cold tundra of Alaska.

A man named Jack Arotta who was also a military man in Minnesota started creating fully synthetic motor oil and even used it in his brand new vehicle. He thought of himself as the first person to use 100% synthetic oil in his vehicle. He then set out to start the sale of this oil and the company then became AMZOil today.

Soon after (1975) Mobil Oil saw the benefits of synthetic oil and knew it would one day become huge in consumer light cars and trucks. That is how they came up with their now famous Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil. By the 1990’s it was easy to see that every motor oil manufacturer knew this would be the way of the future. This caused them to all stock a synthetic oil by that time.

Many vehicles still don’t use synthetic oil, whether it is the manufacturer or owner’s choice, and it is confusing seeing as synthetic is a much better product. Not even today do all engines require this, but many owners also opt for this without knowing the value they get from synthetic oil.

Still, not all car owners are using synthetic oil in their vehicles. Synthetic oil is much better, and while being more expensive it has the ability to protect your engine in hotter and colder temperatures. Also, synthetic oil does not loose as much due to evaporation between oil changes. This factor can be the difference in your engines health.

There were some reasons synthetic oil hasn’t become popular, namely there was a rumour that changing to synthetic oil after using conventional during the cars whole existence would be bad for the vehicle. This was disproved recently and the opposite was actually proved, switching to synthetic is an improvement for an old vehicle.


Is an Oil Change Near Me Better than Traveling to a Chain?

The short answer to this is not really, but it can be. When you live in a city like Toronto an oil change near me is really the best way to keep your vehicle well maintained as this increases the likelihood of you being willing to regularly get oil changes. It is similar to a person that lives near a bakery or a coffee shop, it increases your likelihood of using the store. This can be quite important when it comes to consistent maintenance for your vehicle.


How Often is an Oil Change Near Me Needed?

Since you do have access to an oil change nearest to you through The Oil Change App getting an oil change will be easier to receive often. And we all know that an oil change is needed every 4 months or 10,000KM when using synthetic. The reason that there is a time limit on time between oil changes is because the oil looses its ability to protect the engine over time whether it is being used or not. This is similar to food going bad, except it takes much longer luckily.


Can Changing My Oil Often Affect the Value of the Vehicle?

The short answer is yes, but you will need a few things to prove this. You will need documentation to prove each and every service and that is easy to do with The Oil Change App, because we automatically send you an email with your receipt of service and that will prove your oil change occurred. Not only will this affect the resale value but if there is ever an issue with the vehicle and your warranty is still active you will need proof that you had serviced your vehicle on time each interval. This will sometimes allow you to resell the vehicle while the warranty is still active and that will definitely help your vehicles value.


Should I Get an Oil Change Near Me Before a Road Trip?

The is some good thought to this, but essentially no, you don’t. This is unless you are going to be driving on gravel or dirt roads and your oil change will be needed soon after your return. This is because when you drive on dirt roads that will end up in the motor oil and take away some of the lubricating properties of the oil. If you had changed your oil a month or two before the road trip and there is still a couple months until the oil change we recommend you wait until the oil change is needed, especially if you are highway driving. This is because highway miles are far less hard on your engine.  We always recommend getting your oil changed on time since it will cost only tens of dollars annually and leave you with peace of mind.


If I start to Use Synthetic Oil Do I have to Keep Using Synthetic Oil?

This is urban myth or something of the sort. We often come into contact with people asking if changing to synthetic oil is alright when you have been using conventional your cars whole existence. That also is a myth, and synthetic oil is definitely better for your engine, but you can always have an oil change interval on conventional. Our only issue is that conventional does not last as long as synthetic and therefore your next oil change can come and go quicker than you think and then you are damaging the vehicle.


Best Place for an Oil Change Near Me?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.

oil change near me

I’m a Daily Driver, Where is an Oil Change Near Me?

Being a daily commuter that isn’t driving that far, an oil change near me is still needed. Many people would say that your engine is needing for an oil change even more than that of an engine with similar miles of highway driving or long commuting.

The temperature of your engine and engine oil is very important to the health of your engine. Since you are driving short trips your vehicle may not be heating up well enough for your motor oil to flow properly through the engine. This leads to a lack of protection of your engine parts, and therefore you have to get your oil changed more often when all your trips to work or wherever are very short trips.


What Makes a Synthetic Oil Change Better?

Synthetic oil can save you lots of money, and is better for your engine, but what makes it better for your engine? There are two reasons it is better for your engine, one the consistent size of molecules, and the additives in the oil.

Synthetic motor oil is “synthetic” because it is made with equal size molecules as opposed to its mineral motor oil counterpart. When all molecules are the same exact size this allows the oil to flow even more smoothly through the engine whether the oil is cold or hot. The additives that are “added” to increase the synthetic oil’s ability to fight corrosion in the engine, as well as anti-oxidant and anti-wear properties. The materials added to the synthetic oil can include zinc, phosphorous and sulphur. The last, and most interesting additive to synthetic oil can be titanium. This may sound weird since the purpose of motor oil is to stop metals to rub against one another, but the idea holds up. When you turn your vehicle off, all the oil goes back into the oil drain pan. Since the oil is all in the drain pan, your vehicle has no oil to protect components when starting your vehicle. The purpose of the titanium is so that the titanium from the motor oil attaches to components of the engine when you shut the engine off. Then when you start the engine again the titanium is a protective layer against “cold starts”.


Likelihood of There Being an Oil Change Near Me

People with an oil change shop near them have a far higher likelihood of getting their oil changed regularly. As we said above, a regular oil change is the best way to maintain your engine and keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Best Place for an Oil Change Near Me?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.



9 Tips And Tricks To Clean Your Car Like A Pro

Autumn is the perfect time of year to really get in there and give your whole car a deep clean. It’s not too hot like the summertime, when air-drying a car might result in spots and soap streaks, and it’s right before the frigid winter months. When you’re living in NYC, you understand: salt, dirt, snow, and ice can slowly destroy your vehicle. Make sure your car’s exterior is in good shape and its interior is comfortable during the winter by focusing on doing the hard work now.

Hand-Wash Your Car With a Soft Sponge

Even according to the experts, the best car wash is a hand-wash. However, instead of using the popular solution of dish detergent and water, invest in an actual car wash solution; dish soap cleans the car but strips away protective wax coatings. If you do decide to use dish soap and water, be sure to wax your car right after. Also, don’t just use a kitchen sponge, which can scratch your car; get a nice, soft sponge made for this express purpose. I’m not about needlessly spending money and would often rather do a cheaper, DIY project, but it’s important not to cut corners when you’re treating your car’s paint.

Wax On, Wax Off (Or Make Your Kids Do It)

Every few months (or whenever possible, really), put a fresh coat of wax on your car. This will help protect your vehicle from the relentless salt and snow that will happen over the next few months.

Clean Your Vents With an Air Compressor

This is very important. A thin layer of dust may have accumulated in your car, but make sure that it’s not all coming from the vents. You can either use an old toothbrush or a foam paintbrush to clean between the plastic parts of the vents, or you could be like a professional and blow out the whole vent system (including the ducts and the vents) with compressed air. This is also a good time of year to replace your air filter, too. If you’re trying to reclaim that “new car smell,” then this is one of the best things you can do.

Find All of the Trash

There are several people out there who may not have anything to pick up in their car, but if you have kids, a long commute, or simply not a lot of time, you’ll want take the time to pick up your trash. Remove water bottles, tissues, napkins, ticket stubs, or anything else that might be hiding in the crevices. Check under your seats, in cup-holders, and between the seats and the consoles. To alleviate this problem in the future, it’s sometimes easier to have a trash receptacle inside of your car. It could be a plastic bag or a small container.

Detail the Upholstery

Make sure you completely remove your floor mats and vacuum underneath. You can also vacuum your upholstery (especially if it’s fabric), and make sure to get into the nooks and crannies like the seams of your cushions or near the seat-belt connectors. Pour some baking soda over the surface of your upholstery if you want to catch more filth and have a nice, clean smell after. If your fabric is stained, there are several things you could do. For seat stains, use diluted all-purpose cleaner, a scrub brush, and some elbow grease; you’ll be surprised at what comes up.

Clean the Mats

If your carpeted floor mats are filthy, you may be able to throw them in the washing machine. If you have sticky, icky rubber mats, simply attack them with your hose for a while. If they’re really, really gross, attack them with a scrub brush and some detergent.

Create a DIY Air Freshener

Do you have baking soda? Do you have essential oil? Do you have a spare mason jar? Do you have a spare bit of fabric? (If you’ve been experimenting at all with any of the exciting things on Pinterest in the past, then you likely have all of these things.) Use this recipe to create an air freshener that will keep your car smelling much better than any of those cheap, dangling fresheners (and it won’t get in the way while you’re driving).

Clean Your Headlights

I’ve not tried this yet, but supposedly, you can clean your car’s headlights with toothpaste, water, and an old cloth. I believe it, though. Toothpaste sure is a miracle cleaner. You can clean your headlights with dish detergent or window cleaner as well.

Get Rid of Rust

Rust is a menace that will slowly destroy the value of your car. This DIY project requires an investment: paint that’s similar to your car’s original color and a “rust-killer” or primer. This is certainly worth it, though, if you’re living in the northern part of the country. Rust will often keep spreading, and the salty winter months will only make your rust worse. Take the time to clean up and fix this now and you can save a real headache later.

Remember that besides cleaning, you’ll want to do several other things to winterize your vehicle, such as checking your wiper blades, your tires, and your air filters. Something that a professional can do for you (I don’t advise doing this yourself) is an under-body coating, which protects all of the parts underneath your car with a coat of sealant. One of the best ways to keep your vehicle clean is to keep your oil clean, get your oil changed regularly nearest to you. With these tactics and these tips, you can have a more comfortable and safer winter in your car!


Source: BusyBee Cleaning Service

oil change near me

How to Keep Your Oil Healthy?

Many of us worry that just getting our oil changed when the sticker says so isn’t enough to keep the oil or engine at their best. That is true, because there are many things that could make the motor oil loose it’s effectiveness. The motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and when it’s not at its best, your engine is not at its best.


How to Best Keep Healthy Motor Oil?

Of the many ways to keep healthy oil, here are some of the most important. Many lube shops will buy motor oil in bulk and therefore it is even more enticing for the shop to buy cheaper oil. Cheaper oil can mean oil that is not approved by API standards or even an oil that is SAE30 as opposed to 5W30. 5W30 is a multi weight oil that fights sludge buildup, whereas SAE30 is not able to fight sludge buildup as well. There are also some ploys at certain shops that will give you conventional oil when you request a synthetic oil change.

Another way that a shop can make your engine oil less healthy during the time between oil changes is by not draining the oil properly. This happens in one of two ways, not letting the oil drain long enough or not draining the oil from the drain pan. The first is pretty self explanatory, essentially the old oil isn’t all gone from the vehicle so there is still dirty oil in the vehicle. The second problem is when the shop drains the motor oil from the dip stick with a fluid extractor. This does not always get most of the old motor oil out of the drain pan, in fact it almost never gets all the old oil out. The traditional way to drain oil during an oil change is to remove the oil drain plug and let the oil drain for about 10 minutes or so, basically until no more oil is draining.

Poor Quality filters can also hinder the health of your motor oil between oil changes. The oil filter simply takes pieces of dirt and other particles out of your motor oil when while the oil is pushed through the filter. Poor quality oil filters will do their job, but only for so long. These filters will not be able to keep your oil healthy for as long as a quality filter. Since these filters are not able to clean your oil as well you will probably need to check more often than the required amount.


How Often Should I Check the Oil Level?

Checking the oil level is a recommended part of car ownership because as we have said before a low oil level is quite damaging for your vehicle. To check the oil level in your vehicle you have to pop the trunk, grab an old cloth, then clean of the dip stick, put the dip stick back in, pull the dipstick out again and check the level. The oil level should always be very close to full, because that gives the engine the best ability to run smoothly.

To ensure your vehicle runs its best at all times between oil changes you should be checking the oil level. How often is enough though? We recommend you check your oil level once per month, and in Toronto that is probably as easy as checking ever time you fill up. Make sure the engine is off and the car is parked on level ground before checking. We also highly recommend you check the colour of the motor oil when you pull the dipstick up.

The general rule of thumb when checking the oil colour during a level check you are looking for some clarity and some dark amber colours. This means that the oil is still healthy and you don’t have to worry about it’s health until you get to the gas station next. If the oil is dark coloured but you can still see through it slightly, like a light cup of coffee then there is still life in the oil, but you should be wary that an oil change will be needed soon. If the oil is black and you cannot see through the oil at all it is time for an oil change. If there is any bits of dirt or metal that show on the dipstick you need to get an oil change as soon as possible. This is just a great way to check on the health of your engine between trips to the shop, and they can really help with ease of mind also.


Do I Need an Oil Change if I Don’t Drive Much?

The short answer is yes, but its for a different reason than those who drive quite a bit. People often get their oil changed about every 7500KM. That would mean that the average driver is getting 2-3 oil changes per year, but they get those oil changes based on their odometers. The reason you need to still get your oil changed when you are only driving half the amount of other drivers is because the motor oil also looses its effectiveness regardless of use. The oil becomes less useful as a lubricant as it ages, so we recommend that you should change your oil at least every 5 months regardless of how much you drive.


Where to Get an Oil Change Near Me?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.


What is Included in an Oil Change?

When you pull up to get an oil change near your home or office sometimes you may not really understand why you are getting an oil change or what a oil change really is. Put simply an oil change is when you take out the motor oil from your engine and put back in new motor oil. During an oil change you also have to change the oil filter and put on a new one. The oil and oil filter do so much for your engine that getting regular oil changes is the best way to keep your vehicle healthy.

The motor oil keeps your engine lubricated, and since most parts of your engine are made from metal there is a possibility of rusting or erosion from friction. When your motor oil gets old it looses its ability to keep your engine lubricated, and that’s what makes you need an oil change regularly. The regularity of your oil changes do depend on the type of oil and filter used.

The oil filter is also changed during an oil change and that is because the oil filter is the tool for cleaning the motor oil as it runs through the engine. The reason it has to be changed is that it also looses its effectiveness, and then cannot clean the motor oil. Once the oil filter can no longer clean the motor oil the oil has very little time left to be able to keep protecting your engine.


How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

An oil change is needed whenever your oil has lost its ability to protect your engine, but that isn’t a mark that is easy to know. The best way to know how often you need an oil change is by the owner’s manual in your glove box. Your owner’s manual will tell you the amount of kilometers between oil changes. The length between oil changes is usually 5000KM – 7500KM depending on the make and model of your vehicle. This is a safe number given by your vehicle manufacturer and when using conventional motor oil, you should always stay inside these numbers.

You can add kilometers to the interval of each oil change by switching to synthetic oil which lasts at least 10,000KM and can last up to 15,000KM. Synthetic motor oil also improves engine performance and fuel economy since it is a better lubricator. We recommend highly that you switch to synthetic oil when getting your oil changed.


Where to Get an Oil Change Near Me?     

Getting an oil change can be painstaking, especially when you work long hours in a city like Toronto. In Toronto, the best place will be an oil change near you, many of which will be chain quick lube shops. These can be a saviour when needing an oil change, but there can be some issues of when does the shop close or do you need an appointment. In a study, people were more likely to have their oil changed on time when there was a lube shop within one kilometer and even more likely when the lube shop was open late. This leads to the idea that if there is going to be an oil change nearest to you then you will change your oil more often and on a proper schedule.

When you get an oil change near you there are some things to remember before going. When you check the price online or through the phone confirm that the oil filter is included in the oil change and that the price includes up to six liters of motor oil. This is just so that the shop does not add on extra dollars for a filter (as much as $20) or extra oil (as much as $15 per liter). Secondly we highly recommend that you check your owner’s manual before hitting the shop. This is to check the maintenance schedule on your vehicle, and therefore you can know if you need anything more than an oil change. Some shops will try to add on certain services that aren’t needed on your vehicle, and if you know the maintenance schedule of the vehicle you can see right through that. This can change if there is a check engine light going off, but that can be solved by asking the shop to show you the reading on their diagnostics tool. If the shop doesn’t want to show you this, we recommend you do not accept their added services. The third thing we recommend when going to get an oil change is to request synthetic oil because it is a better product for your car and your wallet.


What is the Best Oil Change Place?

The best place to get an oil change would be one of the more common name brand lube shops. This is if you are following the thoughts we shared in the previous section on how to save money at the lube shop. As said above we recommend a synthetic oil change to keep your vehicle in best shape.


Due for an Oil Change?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.

synthetic oil change performance

Do Oil Changes Affect Performance?

This is a question that might never come across your mind so long as you get your oil changed on a regular basis, but do oil changes affect the performance of your engine? The answer for short is yes, but there are many different ways this can be interpreted. There are multiple reasons that performance is affected by oil changes.

The best possible thing you can do for the life of your engine is to regularly change the oil, simple as that. This is one of the most important parts of owning a vehicle and when you are not regularly changing the oil in your vehicle there will be performance issues with the engine. This is caused when the lubricating properties of the motor oil loses its ability to fight friction and therefore the engine will have to work harder to raise its workload.


What Does Engine Performance Mean?

Generally, it means that the old oil in the engine has some sludge built up and that is creating some friction where there should be lubrication. This leads to decreased fuel economy and obviously is also damaging your engine. When the oil is sludgy and thickens then it is definitely time for an oil change, and that is for the simple fact that you are now damaging your engine. The sludge that builds up can also heat up the engine of your vehicle which can also be very damaging to the engine, but worry not so long as the oil is fresh.


Does Synthetic Oil Affect Performance?

In the short term synthetic oil does not affect performance, but when a conventional oil is at it’s end and synthetic oil is at it’s end (much later) the synthetic oil still protects the engine far more and therefore better performance is achieved. Synthetic oil is what we at The Oil Change App recommend and that’s why all our oil changes are synthetic, therefor helping your engine for the entire oil change interval.


The Multiple Reasons to Get a Synthetic Oil Change for Engine Performance


  1. Safety for Your Engine: Synthetic oil is best for your engines safety because it has designed lubrication properties which make it even better than conventional oil when both are fresh and when both are dirty and at the end of their life.
  2. Saved Money for You: Synthetic oil as a generality lasts for twice as long as conventional and as spoken above it is safer for your engine the entire oil change interval. You generally do pay more for a synthetic oil change but never twice as much, all the while having it last twice as long as the conventional. This oil is safer for your engine so it will also have a better chance of saving you some money on costly repairs on the engine down the road.
  3. Mileage: You will also save money and waste less time at the gas station with synthetic oil, as it increases fuel economy. It does this by simply being the superior lubricant and thus allows the engine to run more smoothly.
  4. Weather: In very cold weather the synthetic oil is superior because is can still be liquid without the engine being hot, and in the warm weather the synthetic oil does not thin out as much as conventional, therefore protecting your engine better.



Best Place to get an Oil Change this Summer?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.


summer oil change

Oil Changes in the Toronto Summer

Summer driving is a busier schedule than any other season. There are so many weekend trips and even extra miles just from going out for entertainment more often, and this leads to some different types of wear on your vehicle. Getting your oil changed in the summer is very important, as you tend to put lots more kilometers on your vehicle’s engine. Regular oil changes are imperative to a cars performance and upkeep of the engine, so keeping oil changes a part of the regular routine is as important in the summer as winter.


How Often Should I get My Oil Changed This Summer?

There used to be rules that say change your oil every 3 months or 5,000KM, but that was really a bit of an untruth. In reality it varies from vehicle to vehicle, or engine to engine type also. Most vehicles are asking for an interval of 7,500KM between oil changes and some as high as 10,000KM. There is some merit to the idea that you should get your oil changed more often anyways, so going past due on oil changes on every oil change interval is a bad idea for many reasons.

The best way to know what to do for your vehicle’s maintenance schedule intervals is to know your maintenance schedule from your owner’s manual. When you stick to the instructions in your owner’s manual you will be keeping your warranty while keeping the engine in best shape all while saving money on unneeded services.


What is Best Motor Oil Grade for Your Summer Oil Change?

In theory the best viscosity for your vehicle in the summer would be a high viscosity motor oil. The viscosity is the first number at the start of the, for example, 0w20 is the zero at the start. This is a low viscosity oil and would therefore be less thick than a 5w20 or 10w30 motor oil. The best option in the summer would be a high viscosity oil like a 10w30, but this isn’t that great a choice when getting an oil change near you in Toronto. Most people in Toronto don’t use their vehicle as much as commuters that come in from outside Toronto.

So a Toronto oil change custom should be getting a 5w20 or 5w30 motor oil at their next summer oil change because that oil will also be good in the fall. Some commuters though put so many kilometers on their engines that they may change their oil now and again before the weather gets colder in mid October. In this circumstance you could go as high as a 10 viscosity oil, but we would still recommend using the 5 viscosity oil as your engine will still enjoy the benefits almost as much as a 10 viscosity and you won’t have a chance of some fuel efficiency decrease come fall weather.


What Motor Oil is Best for Summer Months?

We at The Oil Change App only use synthetic oil for our oil changes, and that is also what we recommend year round. It is especially better to have synthetic oil in the engine during very hot or very cold temperatures as the synthetic oil is more stable and less conducive to temperature change. By using a synthetic oil, you will see better mileage out of your vehicle and you will also save money since the synthetic oil lasts much longer in your engine while keeping it better protected.


Best Place for an Oil Change this Summer?

Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.

skipped oil change

What Happens When You Skip an Oil Change?

Keeping a consistent maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your vehicle in good condition. This mostly entails consistent oil changes to keep your vehicle in its best shape. An oil change is needed every 3-4 months because the motor oil in your engine keeps the components of your engine lubricated and protected from rust or other damage.

When you schedule an oil change at the dealer or lube shop it can be nearly impossible to find a time that actually works for you, often times making you leave work early or having to skip dinner with your family. Going out for an oil change in Toronto can be a 2-3-hour process and as soon as something in your life comes up that oil change can be put on the back burner. This is not a specifically fatal mistake, but so long you make another appointment in a couple weeks your engine will only suffer a small amount. The most worrisome fact is that if you are leaving motor oil that has lost its ability to protect your engine in your vehicle an extra 2 weeks on each oil change that is 6-8 weeks a year. This then means you are damaging your engine for 11-15% of the year. When you think of it in this way you can see how changing your oil on time is so important.


Signs You Need an Oil Change

When you miss an oil change you won’t be able to see or feel the signs right away. We do recommend checking your dip stick when you fill up your gas tank to see the colour of the oil and to check the level.

When you check your dipstick the oil will be on the stick and that is a nice way to see the colour of your oil. Most motor oil is either an amber colour or a dark gold colour when it goes into the vehicle upon an oil change, so when you check it will often be darker than these colours but there are some specific things to look for. The colour can be dark, but when the motor oil is completely black you must change the oil as soon as possible. Sometimes the engine oil will be black with a tinge of that original colour in the light, and this means that the oil still has some life left in it.

If you are not inclined to checking your dipstick often then there are some other noticeable signs an oil change is needed. All of the following reasons mean that you need an immediate oil change because the vehicle is already feeling the affects of old motor old not being able to protect the engine.

The first sign you need an oil change is that the engine is louder than usual. The small parts of the engine can create louder noises when there is motor oil that isn’t protecting them, so this is most noticed when you start your engine. The vehicle will be very loud from these small engine parts touching without motor oil lubricating and the most severe version of this is when you can actually here some ticking in your engine.

The second sign is more difficult to notice as it will be in the rear view mirror. This is smoke from the tailpipe, since most vehicles will produce no smoke as it breaks carbon emission standards. When the tailpipe is spitting out smoke its time to book yourself an oil change.

A sputtering vehicle may also be a sign of a overdue oil change. This is caused by the oil filter being clogged and therefore the oil cannot filter through and creating much dirtier oil much faster. When your vehicle sputters while driving it means it’s time for an oil change.


Best Place for an Oil Change?

Rather than sitting in Toronto traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere. All oil changes are synthetic and include a OEM spec filter to keep your engine running smooth.



Where to Get an Oil Change Near Me?

Finding an easy place to get an oil change can be difficult, especially in Toronto, where the demand for quick oil changes outweighs the supply of shops or services that have extra appointment times. This can be a serious strain on your engine, because every time you need an oil change and go days or weeks past the oil being protective for the engine you are hurting your engine. This means having an oil change near you can make it much easier on your life than if you have to cut early from work or go in on a Saturday.

Most shops don’t have very late hours, so getting an oil change in Toronto can seem nearly impossible. If you work long hours, you need an oil change that works around your schedule. The reason that we created The Oil Change App is to serve the people of Toronto that desire an oil change near them and don’t have the time to get to the shop.

The best part of The Oil Change App is that all oil changes are synthetic and therefore better for your engine and your wallet. We explain lots of reasons why a synthetic oil change is better for your engine here. The way it saves you money comes in two ways, one being how it will protect your engine from damage and therefore less expensive trips to the repair shop. The second is that the intervals are between oil changes are far greater in synthetic oil changes.


Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

The intervals for a synthetic oil change can differ depending on the oil, but they do tend to be at least double the amount of a conventional motor oil. The best part of synthetic oil is that it protects your vehicle better at the end of its life in comparison to conventional motor oil. Depending on the synthetic oil the oil will last from 10,000KM to 15,000KM and that far outperforms most conventional motor oils that go from 4,000KM to 7,000KM depending on the brand.


How often should I receive an oil change?

Based on the knowledge above we recommend getting synthetic oil changes in Toronto, because it creates a larger gap between oil changes needed and it is better for your engine. So when you are getting an oil change we strongly recommend getting a synthetic oil change in Toronto and that allows a 10,00KM interval between oil changes.

Another important factor in getting the best oil change near me is having the technician put on a great new filter that is made for longer oil change intervals. It is somewhat common for oil change prices to be advertised to you without a filter change being included in the price. This would put your vehicle in serious danger, so you will always have to ask for the additional cost of the filter also being changed. With The Oil Change App, the filter is always included and we always put on a filter that is made to last the same length as the synthetic oil we put in the vehicle.


How much do you pay for an oil change?

The price of an oil change near you will differ depending on the type of oil change you want and what type of service is used. Firstly, you should be getting a synthetic oil change, which will run you about $90 plus tax at most quick lube shops. This service will cost you at least $100 plus tax for most mobile oil changes. It makes sense since you can enjoy the service in the comfort of your own home or office. The last option is to use The Oil Change App, which only charges the minimum when it comes to synthetic oil changes. Our pricing is based on how much oil capacity the vehicle has and the price of the oil filter. This leads to many of our oil changes costing as low as $67.99 for many of the Japanese vehicles, and about $75.99 for the American made vehicles.


Rather than sitting in traffic on your way to the garage or oil change shop, download The Oil Change App on the App Store or Google Play and send out a live request for service anytime, anywhere.